The management team at Gloucester Motel is taking every precautionary measure to protect our valued clients and staff. Our housekeeping team are doing there upmost to ensure our rooms are thoroughly cleaned, ensuring every part of the room and furniture are being cleaned with disinfectant and sanitising where ever possible.

We would also like to make it clear that we at Gloucester Motel have NOT and will NOT accept any mandatory COVID-19 self isolation bookings, so that we can assure our guests and staff are kept safe from any possible infection.

Due to the uncertainty of this pandemic we have also changed our cancellation policy to allow full refunds for booking which need to be cancelled due to COVID-19. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to cancel your booking and to arrange a refund.

It is our commitment to stay open for business regardless of the financial impact and playing our part in keeping Western Australia's economy running.

Any enquiries please contact us directly 

Thank you for your current and future support of our beloved family business